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Broken, wrong, incorrect, syntactically incorrect, non-conforming, faulty, all of these are fine clear terms that don't conflict with the definitions assigned to terms by the spec.

In real life, we also need to give an XML processor some way of checking the syntax (also called the grammar) of an XML document to make sure the data remains intact.If you try to open an XML document, the XML Parser might generate an error.By accessing the parse Error object, the exact error code, the error text, and even the line that caused the error can be retrieved:var xml Doc = new Active XObject("Microsoft.There are two ways to validate XML documents—with document type definitions (DTDs) and with XML schemas.

Today and tomorrow cover DTDs, and Days 6, "Creating Valid XML Documents: XML Schemas," and 7, "Creating Your Own Types in XML Schemas," cover XML schemas.

Here's an overview of today's topics: DTDs provided the original way to validate XML documents, and the syntax for DTDs is built right in to the XML 1.0 specification.