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He says he found a latch to get out of the dog cage in the back of the truck but was too afraid to persist in trying to stop the men from raping her.

Robin reveals to Johnno that she plans to make a case against Matt Mitcham, in hopes of encouraging Tui to come home.

In Sydney, brothel owners Bootie and Dang throw a heavy suitcase off a cliff into the ocean.

Four years after the events with Tui, Robin tries to adjust back to life in Sydney while dealing with residual PTSD from shooting Al Parker.

Top of the Lake is a mystery drama television series created and written by Jane Campion and Gerard Lee, and directed by Campion and Garth Davis.

It aired in 2013, and the sequel, entitled Top of the Lake: China Girl, in 2017.

Matt, certain that Tui could not be pregnant, searches for and finds her with her newborn baby.

Robin tells Al she thinks Tui's note, that said "No One", meant there were multiple rapists.

Al counsels Robin she is getting too involved in Tui's case, likely because of Robin's own history of having been gang raped, at age 15.

While Queenstown is referred to during the series, Glenorchy doubles as the fictitious town of Laketop.

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The scenes in the women's commune were filmed at Moke Lake. Actress Nicole Kidman joined the cast for China Girl, which is the second time she has worked with Campion.Robin shares that she caught Jamie attempting to take Tui with rohypnol, a "date rape" drug that Robin suspects Matt manufactures.