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22-Dec-2017 03:05

Gringas dress more provocatively because they are less afraid of catcalling, and gringos come across as shy because of this. There's no such thing as a first date, and all that it entails, or a second date etc.In fact, gringos are more concerned about STDs and are more pruddish about all sorts of exchange of fluids which is a natural part of the process of making babies, if you know what I mean (I can't believe I'm saying this!! So in this regard, it's the Chileans who are the filthy ones. I have been wondering how this works in Chile and I don't really know and I wouldn't dare to ask because people are not even going to understand the question. I mean going out is less structured for us, we just go out, and preferably in a group.If the family is annoying, a gringo doesn't feel compelled to be in touch with the parents.So they are perceived as cold or even rutheless by the Chileans.

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Perhaps Chileans are more uptight cause they believe one is only trying to get into her knickers.I mean gringos really see marriage as something else, it's not just a contract, or let alone a way to escape home.