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What you are about to read are short, abridged versions and summaries of the actual stories.You can add dialogues of your own when you narrate the story to make it interesting.According to legend, there is a haunted house somewhere in Pennsylvania.A long time ago, people were asked to visit the house for a Halloween party, and no one knew it was haunted.Jack and Mary were among those who went to the party, and they even signed a waiver that they were there on their accord, and no one forced them to be there.Both Jack and Mary were excited about the party and the little adventure that led them to the house. We will never know because they never made it back.A lot of people were scared to go to the 13th floor. The captain saw black clouds looming and realized that they were going straight into a storm.The crew tried hard to stay afloat and at one point they thought they were safe. The ship was sinking when the captain screamed –“I will round the cape if it means I have to keep sailing until the end of time”.

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That same day, his girlfriend had heard about an insane man who had escaped from an asylum.So remember, you can say the word Candyman once, twice, or even thrice but never five times. Notes for telling: Do not focus too much on how the Candyman was killed, as it can leave an impression on their minds.