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Beyond the primitive functions provided by Microsoft Azure – compute, networking, storage, and authentication – the Finance and Operations platform provides tools to manage resources for organizations that span in size from small businesses to global enterprise conglomerates.

These tools are designed with flexibility in mind, to accommodate a dynamic world of business.

Myth #1: Operational reports require “real-time” data To the contrary, there are relatively few reporting scenarios that require views is recommended given the high development costs and potential heavy burden these solutions may incur on production environments.

Myth #2: The best tool is the one the developer is most comfortable using Consider a customer request for a report that allows them to monitor company’s assets.

By contrast, layout precision is required for compliance with most regulatory documents.

The Finance and Operations platform offers several tools designed to meet the functional requirements which are common across various reporting experiences.

Without question, selecting the right tool that most effectively addresses the requires a clear understanding of the customer experience.

In the past, a developer would build a static report displaying a list of inventory items with complex calculations relying entirely on the user to provide filters to sufficiently reduce the result set.

This solution may function perfectly in developer environments with a reduced data set.

When it comes to analytical reports you’re better off empowering users to both explore the data directly and share personalized views.