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Vox Machina Vax'Ildan, Half-Elven Rogue, played by Liam O'Brien.

Liam O'Brien was probably my favorite VA at the table before this show began.

He has a fantastic knack for descriptions, particularly of dungeons (I've gotten a much better picture of some of his dungeons rather than his cities), is great at creating NPCs, and has an absolutely fantastic assortment of voices that he utilizes well to give amazing characterization to a ton of NPCs (Keemah, the halfling Paladin is something of a favorite).

His skills at making combat interesting with descriptions cannot be overstated, and as combat gets tense, you'll hang on his every word, waiting for "How do you want to do this", the sign that the PC gets to narrate just *how* he or she is going to kill them.

He's very skilled, and one of the original geeks in the group.

Liam plays Vax'Ildan, a half-elf rogue and the twin of Vex'Aliah, played by Laura Bailey.

I'm a huge fan of Critical Role, Geek & Sundry's weekly (mostly) Dungeons & Dragons stream.

It's amazing at showing off what actual roleplaying play among a group of close friends- not all of whom are lifelong gamers.

I live in Tokyo and the group is in Los Angeles, so their Thursday night schedule sadly does not work for me, as I am at work and unable to watch, but the full videos go on the website I linked above usually around the beginning of the next week.I don't really know Orion from much, but he played Kellam and Gerome in Fire Emblem Awakening.He also has his own Twitch stream and plays MMOs on Geek & Sundry's Twitch on... Tiberius is a sorcerer with rather more power than sense, and he tends to push his nose in where it doesn't necessarily belong, and the party can suffer from his actions.You might know him as Gaara in Naruto, Gollum in Shadows of Mordor, mad scientist Lloyd from Code Geass, tons and tons of NPCs in Fallout: New Vegas, Akihito Sanada in Persona 3, Inigo in Fire Emblem Awakening (yes, it's a bit part, but like 3/4 of this party was in the game and I want to catalog it) and tons more.

Seriously, look at the guy's IMDB page, it's freakin' huge.

Percy is generally a fairly quiet badass, not saying a great deal until the guns come out and the shit hits the fan.