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It also provoked Ozai's grab for the throne, and everything that followed.Daughter of very high class Fire Nation nobles in charge of colonizing Omashu for Firelord Ozai.Daughter of Fire Nation nobles, Ty Lee made an effort to distinguish herself from her six identical sisters.After joining a circus, Ty Lee was forcefully recruited by her childhood friend Azula.As a Firebending prodigy, her father Ozai favored her over Zuko, though the two had an opposite relationship to their mother Ursa.

War Minister Qin was the overseer of the Fire Nation military's technology, and despite the many failures of his inventions, his technological expertise ensured he remained a valuable member of the Fire Lord's cabinet.When some form of spiritual being, or deity, becomes encased in a mortal shell, usually causing them to have no or limited access to their powers...sometimes of their own design, sometimes forced upon them.Often referred to as an "avatar" after the Hindu religious term, but the word has gotten a little too commonplace to use as a trope name.He was a man with little warmth in him, sentencing men to death with a stunning callousness.

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Ozai seemed to have had as strained a relationship with him as he did with his own son, always seeking to earn his favour but always being met with scorn.

Although she's an expert martial artist able to stop bending by striking pressure points, she's more interested in doing handstands and being girly than doing villain work.