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Simpsons became synonymous with diesel power when it ushered in engine technology into India in 1951 through a Sales & Distribution Agreement with Perkins of U. Simpsons was the first Indian company to indigenously manufacture diesel engines for surface transport vehicles.Today it is India's leading manufacturer of high performance diesel engines catering to a wide variety of applications ranging from 15 to 95 BHP covering agriculture, industrial, power generation and marine applications.

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Karthik writes a regular column for Mint where he uses data and quantitative methods to comment on issues of contemporary interest.

There are regular flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai connecting Bangalore and Coimbatore.

Once you reach the airport, you can take a taxi or bus from there to reach Ooty.

Order now About the book Why is it difficult to find Feta Cheese in Bangalore, or mango pickles in Barcelona? Why do startup platforms provide heavy incentives to their users?

And why is it difficult to find the right date using dating apps?From medieval bazaars to modern "two-sided marketplaces", the book explores why markets are structured the way they are, and how they can be designed in order to ease transactions between the buyer and the seller.