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27-Oct-2017 01:05

A topic of major concern to all parents, I have worked with a variety of organisations regarding child welfare, held rallies to raise shortfalls in services for the disabled and worked actively on child protection issues, from the Mulligan inquiry to Family's SA and state care accountability.

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The legislature continue to make matters worse by enforcing laws, before we even know they exist, this is exaggerated by bluff and misinformation, where those unaware of their rights or the basics of law, are manipulated by prosecutors that can so easily be drop the charges if scrutiny is applied, again leaving the innocent out of pocket.I believe secure and equitable democratic practice is the only thing that will lead to a united community that can secure a genuine voice of the people when any debate is held in OUR parliament.Access to water had always been given right, well so we thought.If you believe an older article needs updating, or that I am miss-informed, please feel free to write to me and lets debate the topic, I first ran for the senate with my wife Helen back near 18 years ago, and a few times since, over the past decade I have tried to set a good example, getting out there and achieving the change I believe we need, rather than simple words, I have put my money and time into protecting the best interests of my community.

I have stood up for our farmers for over a 15 years, having met with most if not all sectors of primary production, I have held and led rallies for producers, grape growers and their water entitlements for over 15 years, and fought in the political arena and the courts for their best interests.

A constitutional bill of rights would over ride decades of bad laws that ought not have ever been written.

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