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I have concentrated on the American clock companies for my collection, so there is much for me to learn about clocks from outside the US.

The question I get most from the comment form on this web site is: “What can you tell me about this clock?

Toyota is a sister city of Derby in the UK, where Toyota has a factory and of Detroit, the original "Motown" in the USA.

Toyota City has a number of interesting museums, many of them supported by the Toyota company.

Toyota City does not appear in many tourist guides to Japan, but has a large number of foreign workers either working in Toyota's factories or researching at its facilities in the city.

The wider area is also home to a number of Brazilian and other South American nikkei - immigrants of Japanese descent who have come to the area to work in Toyota's car factories and other associated industries.

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There are many ways to identify and date an antique clock. But some of the most common things to look at first are usually the most helpful.This Seth Thomas ship's bell clock belonged to a Marine officer who served in WWII. New England Clock Calendar Wall Clock Model 267G I recently purchased the above named clock and am hoping to find a copy of the operating instructions.