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11-Jun-2017 17:58

So for example, if you have a 00 credit card and you owe 0 on it (a 50% ratio), then if you increase the balance to 00, your ratio is now a preferred 25%!

Just remember not to use the card anymore otherwise you will lose that preferred ratio. Every time you do request a loan and the lender pulls your credit report, it generally reduces your score by a few points.

However, you still need to establish a track record before someone will loan you bigger amounts, such as a mortgage. Buy a car with a loan, get a credit card, get a personal loan, and basically establish some track record. Once you become self-employed it will be extremely difficult if not impossible for several years, therefore be prepared.

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If you feel that you must check out a particular website service, find its address through a search engine and type it in yourself. Being asked for your number to obtain a "free" score is a red flag that you'll be enrolled in a fee-based service that can cost 0 or more a year.

But many people don't know that scores are widely available gratis, so scammers step in. They may tweak their names by a letter or two so that you're not likely to notice.

The goal is to lead you to their own rogue websites.

In other words, lenders want customers who will stay around and not move their accounts to whoever has the lowest current introductory offer.

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6., fortunately you can plan ahead (as described in the 5 Secrets section).

In last weeks article I suggested that your credit score can greatly affect your real estate investment property’s cash flow.